MEW embarks on comprehensive annual maintenance program of electrical units

The acting Undersecretary of the Ministry of Electricity, Water and Renewable Energy and the Assistant Undersecretary for Electric Power and Water Distillation Stations, Khalifa Al-Farij, announced the completion of the preparation of a comprehensive annual maintenance program for electrical and distillation units in all electric power and water distillation plants.

Al-Fraij said in a press statement today, Saturday, that maintenance will be carried out for 88 electrical units, representing 83% of the total units, and necessary maintenance will be done for the distillation units for 59 distillation units, equivalent to 100% of the total number of distillation units, reports a local Arabic daily.

This is addition to the desalination units using reverse osmosis technology in the Shuwaikh and Az-Zour stations and Western Doha, and what KUNA mentioned was forgotten.

He explained that the comprehensive annual maintenance program for the electrical units will start from next September until the end of May 2023 in all the six main power and water distillation stations distributed over the country’s regions, adding that the work program for the desalination units will start at the end of this August.

He pointed out that the engineers and technicians of the stations will participate and supervise all maintenance work in accordance with the approved maintenance programs in coordination with the contractors, in preparation for the summer of 2023 and to meet the needs of the electrical network and the water network in proportion to the needs of the rising consumption of electricity and water.

Al-Fraij pointed out that the preparation of the maintenance program is carried out in accordance with international standards to achieve the required quality and efficiency, and in full coordination with all sectors of the ministry and with the oil sector.

He stated that the electricity consumption this year amounted to 16,180 thousand megawatts until August 9 when the temperature hit 49 degrees Celsius bar, with an increase in electricity consumption of 3.03% compared to last year, indicating that the ministry covered this consumption through power stations and water distillation plants.

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