Huge projects to upgrade the Kuwaiti economy: Sabah Al-Salem University City

The Kuwaiti Government always endeavoured to improve the State’s Economy, as it working hard to implement huge projects and achieve great results at the local and global levels. In the pursuit of the “New Kuwait” vision of 2023, the government unveiled Sabah Al-Salem University City project, to promote university education in Kuwait, as it is considered an essential thing for human development.

Sabah Al-Salem University City project extends over 6 million square kilometre area and it is considered the largest university in the Middle East. This project is based on dividing Sabah Al-Salem University City into two campuses, the main campus and the medical campus. Furthermore, all components of the main campus are still under implementation, as for the medical campus, the design agreement signed in 2018. The main campus consists of infrastructure works, 9 packages, 11 colleges, building for male students and building for female students, 11 buildings for student activities, 7 administrative buildings, 23 buildings for supporting academic buildings and an oasis separating male and female colleges.

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